Chapter Discussion One Piece 988: I've Kept You Waiting

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Hak's bringing Sexy back
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Salty Doubloons
I think Oda has intentionally established weaknesses for both BM and Kaido so they are more "beatable".
BM has her amnesia and Mother Caramel's picture.
Kaido has his permanent wound from Oden.

Kaido seriously reminds me of Smaug from The Hobbit.
Smaug was said to have invicible scales, but he had that 1 vulnerable spot, where the scale came off after he got struck by the legendary black arrow a long time ago. And guess what? He died exactly because he got shot by the same arrow on that weak spot in the future.

Luffy & co will definitely discover and exploit Kaido's wound to beat him.
There may be a weakness BUT it will still be a tough fight.
I mean Smaug destroyed a town, a few dwarfs and it took more than a few arrows to get that one little weakness.
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I'm actually impressed on how Sanji can go invisible..
His attribute in this chapter made him looks like a ninja :monkaOMEGA:
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Even CoO can't detect Sanji in invisible mode lol...that's pretty scary ! Wonder if Fuji can detect him , since he have advance sensing type CoO !
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Salty Doubloons
Okay, so Chapter 988...
-Pound says "I'm still, like, part of this cover story!"
-Kaido laughs at the thought of the minks going Sulong... probably a "Bring it on" type of laugh
-That one dog mink has a cigar :dogkek:
-Jack makes a bold statement
-The shot of the beast pirates includes the Numbers character that is introduced later, and a guy with a gorilla face for a torso.
-Raizo admits that the Minks were keeping him safe
-Roddy, Blackback, Giovanni, Shishilian, and Concelet go Sulong. The small panels featuring multiple transformations takes away from the impact of the moment, but it's understandable that less prominent characters among the minks would be grouped together
-All minks going Sulong in front of Kaido, Jack, and the others
-Introduction of Numbers Nangi who was shown earlier
-Big Mom still nonchalantly observing the situation
-King and Queen bicker
-Shinobu struggles to break Momo's chains
-King sees Shinobu and throws her, Luffy, Nami, and Carrot are shown to be concerned
-Momo's chains break and he begins flying off
-King is the first to figure out what's going on, kicking Sanji back into visibility
-Nami brings up what Sanji said earlier when he went off on his own
-King demands Momo, Sanji gives him to Shinobu
-Sanji's right, Momo did exactly what he should have done
-Pteranodon kamikaze dive? Well, I fully expect both characters to be fine... not sure if it will turn into a matchup though
-Yamato entrusted to take care of Momo, seems to take the Oden cosplay to a new level :blobthink:
-Big Mom springs into action, furious that Luffy ruins everything she looks forward to (does she not understand karma or is she deluded?)
-Ikoku sovereignty!
-"Then, they have two Kaidos?" ...Yes, yes they do
-Luffy realises he'll have to fight Big Mom down here if he wants to fight Kaido up there
-Big Mom realises Zeus has been stolen back by Nami
-Nami, stop abusing the poor cloud! Its life was so simple when it knew that it was part of BM's soul and obeyed only her orders :ROFLMAO:
-The long overdue breakup of Nami and Zeus, I hope Nami learns not to steal part of a Yonko's soul
-Franky runs into and over Big Mom with the Black Rhino, Brook cuts Zeus in half
-Nami calls Franky big bro :blobaww:

All in all a pretty good chapter, a lot of setup action, so not much to comment on other than general recaps, I liked the panels showcasing groups of characters, even if only a handful stood out design-wise. Highlights were definitely Sanji getting a moment to do something (in this case saving Momo), and Big Mom actually getting into the action. Think she could probably be fine, but we'll see.

This was more or less my review of One Piece Chapter 988, thank you for reading if you chose to do so.
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Salty Doubloons
Does King have CoO? :blobcoolthink
He better with a name like that haha.

Moving on though... I wonder if Kaido will swoop in and finish off Big Mom if she ends up in a weakened state? That's one way to defeat a Yonko realistically.

Regarding Sanji vs King the matchup in hindsight seems to work well. Sanji wears mostly black clothing, King wears black clothing. Sanji is one of the few Strawhats who can fly on his own (without a df power or unnatural enhancements), King is one of the few beast pirates who can fly naturally. Both can generate fire. King's name is King while Sanji's previous nickname was Prince. And most importantly of all... both are perverts! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: I just wish Oda didn't hype him up so much with the King vs Big Mom clash :/

I also am looking forward to the meeting between Marco and Luffy, whenever the hell that ends up happening haha.

And the last thing I wanted to bring up is the possibility of Nami getting the Soru Soru no Mi should Big Mom die. I mean the Sunny is docked... honestly the closest to the battle than it's ever been in other previous SH skirmishes. Nami can resurrect Zeus and enhance her climatact powers and compete with powerful foes, and therefore make this whole Nami and Zeus thing actually be meaningful. I admittedly feel that it's not as simple as that but enough marks are checked off for it to seem plausible beyond the usual headcanon.
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Salty Doubloons
King is too much for Sanji, seeing as Sanji and King have the same flame kicking technique. I don't see this being the end of Sanji's involvement with King. I see King vs Marco and maybe Sanji inclusion too.

Brook and Franky to the rescue though hope this doesn't mean Amnesia 2.0 or if it does it. I hope it doesn't last as long as 1.0.

We get a new number, hope we see the others and the Toppi Robbo / Flying 6 come and go every chapter.

Though i wanna see full appearance of these Sulong forms more than Vinsmoke Sanji
Stop trying to kill Sanji. He saved Momo his job is over. Now let da beast handle it. He can go finish his stuff with P1.
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