Chapter Discussion One Piece 989: Somehow, I Don't Feel Like We're Losing

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Salty Doubloons
One of the best chapters I have read so far! I might even consider buying this volume and the following ones because of that :catsalute: This chapter had everything, a chapter needs: humor, a good fight and more backstory. I can't remember the last time Franky went into Shogun mode and it's been the first time for me seing it in the manga. Great work, Oda!
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Salty Doubloons
One Piece 989
-Cover story proves that it's still going
-Napoleon is concerned for Big Mom, as a part of her soul should be
-Jinbe asks Robin for help with something
-Stone-faced Franky
-Impersonating a dead guy in front of people that knew him... Yamato gotta learn that this isn't okay at some point, right?
-Hyogoro wants to go after the Tobi Roppo... not so sure about that match-up
-Big Mom wants to collect Franky (oh yeah, and she's fine)
-Franky displays the unruly confidence in Luffy we've come to expect from the Straw Hats
-Three more numbers show up, their designs are... well, they exist.
-The brachio tank / shogun legs in the middle numbers' hand, also why do two of the numbers have the same laugh?
-Another thing being tied to Punk Hazard
-Franky uses his radical beam, Big Mom appears to want to use this opening to attack
-Big Mom thinks she can surprise Franky, but instead ends up getting surprised herself, by Jinbe and Robin, this must be what Jinbe was talking about earlier. Also seeing those classic techniques (Whirlpool Shoulder Throw and Delphinium) used to such great effect was awesome
-As Jinbe points out, Big Mom will be fine, just angrier
-The beast pirates finally recognise Jinbe
-Usopp and Chopper get starry eyed at the knowledge of Franky docking
-Queen stands shocked as Luffy and Zoro talk to each other
-Just as Luffy and Zoro think they are about to get up to Kaido, Queen actually does something (and makes good use of his brachio neck)
-King and the flying smiles are patrolling the air
-Usopp and Chopper get kicked out of the legs tank as Franky Shogun begins to form
-Sanji is fine, and begrudgingly gives props to the sturdiness of the raid suit
-Hyogoro can't imagine losing... that kind of confidence can often be a bad sign when declared too early :pikarun:
-All ten Straw Hats in one double page spread, in one place, about to go into battle? Yes, what a panel!
-Luffy still has the same goal in mind, and just before the chapter ends, shots of Queen and King.
-990 comes out next week? Nice.

Highlight of the chapter is definitely the spread of all the Straw Hats united. Everything in this chapter seems to be in service of setting that up. It could be said that things are going to ramp up now that the crew has been acknowledged to be going into action through this panel.

This was more or less my review of One Piece Chapter 989, thank you for reading if you chose to do so.
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Salty Doubloons
If Nami never gets a devil fruit then Oda is just being outright sadistic to the fans. To show us how devil fruits get passed on, provide the perfect delivery system for her to get it (her orchard) and to "tame" a character from a devil fruit that would enhance her weather powers. It's not like she's the only SH who doesn't have df powers. Jimbei can pick up the slack haha. Besides... it would be hilarious if one non df user on the SH crew accidentally ate a df. :ROFLMAO:
Forget Nami getting a devil fruit, I'd rather see a "Funkfreed" situation where one of the strawhats' weapons get a zoan df and become a living creature
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