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I want to take this Chance to point out a List of Most Popular One Piece Characters according to Popularity Polls
I checked all 6 Polls Results, did some Comparisons, checked how each Character's Popularity changes over time while taking into account when they Appeared in Story & when they don't ... etc

This List will help everyone remember all the Top Players before casting their Votes while also help us Compare our Polls to Japanese Ones
I concluded that these are Top 25 Most Popular One Piece Characters:

01. Monkey D. Luffy
02. Roronoa Zoro
03. Vinsmoke Sanji
04. Trafalgar D. Water Law
05. Portgas D. Ace
06. Tony Tony Chopper
07. Nami

08. Sabo
09. Boa Hancock
10. Shanks

11. Nico Robin
12. Usopp
13. Dracule Mihawk
14. Franky
15. Nefertari Vivi
16. Sir Crocodile
17. Donquixote Doflamingo
18. Brook
19. Aokiji Kuzan
20. Bentham (Mr.2)

21. Smoker
22. Marco
23. Eustass Kid
24. Perona
25. Buggy

Honorable Mentions:

Jinbe - Cavendish - Vinsmoke Reiju - Donquixote Rosinante - Bartolomeo - Silvers Rayleigh - Tashigi - Kaku - Rob Lucci - Kuro
(These Characters either reached Top 25 once only, participated in just Last Poll or they were ranked High multiple Times but their Ranking got much worse in last Polls when more Characters got introduced, so their Re-Appearance on Manga + Another Poll are needed to determine where they should be)

As for my Vote here, it's definitely "Roronoa Zoro"
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He's been my comfort character since the first time he showed up. I love him and he's very important for me

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