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The Flower Capital @Ichimonji @Sea

Head to head La Spada and Kallavan stood, a tug of war between willpower and physical strength. The latter was slightly won by the marine and the former by the scheming pirate. During the exchange Akira, Spada her right-hand man would join in trying to deprive Kallavan of his strength so he would lose this struggle. Sadly Kallavan despite all the madness couldn't completely track the attack coming from behind him, mantra unable to fully aid him in that manner. Kallavan decided he'd stake all of it on his own durability. Which Akira would find formidable, a signature to a zoan fighter.

120: 7. Mountain Level (tekkai +) vs 9. Mountain Level
DPR equal to dura: normal damage

Air blade grinding against a thick dark coloured scale armour. Sparks flying off while the man drew a small amount of blood. Kallavan too enraged and drunk on adrenaline wouldn't even register the pain for the wound was still too shallow to pierce through his rage.

Eventually, La Spada would lose the struggle as she was pushed back but not before using the momentum to make her establish more distance. Kallavan's scale hide in the meantime reverted back to its original colour, only now registering the wound on his back. While painful the admiral's exemplary durability wasn't so easily defeated. Exhaling deeply which sounded more like grunts from a possessed animal, teeth-baring as he extended his fingers, releasing his claws. However, his madness would soon cease for chaos had cast away its shroud, revealing a full-blown revolution. Sadly it wasn't for the people how Kallavan wanted it but the Spada pirates had claimed the land their own. " Spadas..." Kallavan growled nearly snarling with his tongue as he whispered between his teeth.

The mysterious group before him had finally revealed themselves, the infamous Spada pirates. Pirate gangs couldn't get more nefarious than theirs it was all in the name of chaos and the underworld. Their ulterior motive was unclear and even when faced against them Kallavan couldn't tell. But he could deduce that there was a reason behind all this chaos.

Or so his gut would tell him at least.

" I will not choose between two evils. I'll eradicate both of you even if the odds are insurmountable. Prepare yourselves!" Kallavan said, speaking with the same brute and reptilian-like voice. The snarling was contained this time around.

"Rankyaku!" Kallavan shouted as a pristine air blade was launched off his leg as he kicked horizontally, dark wisps of haki danced around the blade with the same crescent shape.

120: 7. Town Level + S:+4(100 mastery rokushiki) + 2(hardening) = 13. Small Continent Level

Haki total = 4/20 turn 2

The Admiral definitely wasn't playing around anymore. From what looked like a relatively simple kick a regular rankyaku was being launched. Yet the two fighters before him, if they had encountered a rankyaku before, could note that it was beyond any of the variations they had potentially fought. It was wider, thicker and definitely more powerful. The wave was large enough to hit both of them and depending on their defences blast them back with the force of a hurricane. Kallavan would exhale deeply afterwards as he started to gather his composure and cool down, he had to if he wanted to walk out of a fight like this alive.

Rage would only get him killed, tranquillity was returning to him but Spada could feel that the rage was far from being submerged completely. A tough opponent for the normally stable Kallavan, if it were not for his encounter with Orochi this exchange would've begun different most likely.

And in the distance, a threat far beyond the reach of these 3 was approaching every so closer. Unbeknownst and naive to the threat that was everlasting within Wano.

The strongest creature of the sea; Yonko Kaido.
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Kuri @Gambit

Intense flames rolled around inside Kaido's mouth. As he leaned back, inhaling an immense amount of air, the flames intensified further, until he finally exhaled. A powerful beam of fire was unleashed, one strong enough to hollow out a mountain and more. Keeping up with the pace of things, Gambit, too, had transformed. A battle of Mythical Zoans. A battle of titans. Kaido's Bolo Breath clashed with Gambit's own attack. The severity of the clash impacted all of Onigashima heavily. Large constructs would give in, and it was becoming clearer and clearer that a prolonged battle of these two could even push the gigantic Onigashima to the brink of peril.

When the clash cleared, Gambit pushed. A follow-up attack was in order, this one not as large, but all the more powerful, due to its compressed state. The powerful sound cannonball ripped through the air on its way toward Kaido. Grinning, Kaido grabbed his kanabo with both hands and imbued it with the strongest of black Busou-shoku no Haki. Then, swinging it like a baseball bat, he rammed the kanabo into the incoming sound cannonball.


DPR: 8. City Level (because that's one above the 120, and Kaido is in the 121+ bracket, so that's the one) + S:+4 + COA: +3 = 15. Moon Level
With perfect accuracy, Kaido swatted Gambit's attack up at the sky. An attack that could destroy a whole continent, and Kaido swatted it up at the sky. When the sound cannonball exploded up in the sky, the skies were split, and the clouds were blown away. A truly cataclysmic event. And yet, one could speculate it was all under control. Kaido knew such an attack would damage Onigashima greatly, and so he swatted it up at the skies, where the attack could erupt as it needed.

With both Jack and Namor standing on the sidelines, it was evident that they were outmatched completely. If either of them tried to help their ally, they would just end up as collateral damage. However, it wouldn't get that far. Before either could join in on the fray, or begin to fight each other for that matter, another figure arrived.

Cutting through the skies with incredible speeds, King came flying onto Onigashima. He landed next to Kaido and knelt down on one knee, speaking to his Captain.

Kaido-sama, we have an emergency. There is an uprising in the Flower Capital. Outsiders infiltrated our country, and one of them supposedly came with water.

Now, all of the citizens have been rallied together. As I was flying away, I saw Shogun Orochi's temple collapsing.

King said, straight to the point. Kaido's eyes widened in shock and became bloodshot. Veins popped up all over his face, enraged.

And you ran away from that?! Why have you not brought it under control?!

Kaido roared, clearly enraged with King.

I am sorry, Kaido-sama. It was too much for me to handle alone.

King said.

Wororororo, is that how it is. Well then, King. Let's go see the situation.

Kaido said, before looking back at Gambit.

You there, you were a worthy opponent. There is no reason for me to seek your death right now. Come to the Flower Capital with me. Maybe you will find a new path there. Wororororo.

Kaido said as his body suddenly started to transform. As large a man as Kaido was, he suddenly started to grow in size beyond all comparisons. Giants and Sea Kings would no longer be a match for his size, as Kaido transformed into a fully-fledged dragon.

Both King and Jack hopped on, and Kaido flew away. A calamity in the form of a dragon was now on its way toward the Flower Capital.
Gambit unleashed two consecutive supersonic attacks! One devastated Kaido's massive fireball and the other one contested by the latter's Kanabo. An extreme exchange of will and power. Powers that almost led the castle into specks of dust. And so they stopped briefly, staring at each other.

"You have an emergency situation in the capital.", Gambit said Kaido. Then King finally landed reporting the same thing.

The princes were listening as two spoke about the urgency the capital was having. At this point, Gambit kept on using his Echolocation to survey the entire area. Not to locate a passage out as he already had that but in search of a greater substance - poneglyph. It is located at level two of the multi-level castle. Having been scanned the entire Skull Dome, Gambit knew what to get next. Until Kaido spoke to him.

"You there, you were a worthy opponent. There is no reason for me to seek your death right now."

Gambit immediately cut him off, "I will come with you, Kaido. Let's see what the future holds."

Having said that, Kaido began to evolve into another form, so titanic and monstrous. In fact, Gambit for the first time again felt a little intimidated by what they are facing. A full-grown dragon underneath a series of lightning, hovering over them. He gripped the handle of his scythe ever firmly, only demonstrating the malevolence of the demon before him.

"He's even bigger than the sea kings we have.", Namor commented.

Prince Landayan should be thankful that he had to face Kaido early on and had a taste of his power. Henceforth, he would evolve into conquering that sense of intimidation and convert that into his own strength. The Vampirate Prince would take the form of a swarm of hundred vampire bats and would quickly trail Kaido in the sky. Namor would find his way out toward the powdered walls of Onigashima, leading to its surrounding waters.


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The attacks of La Spada and Kallavan would clash, resulting in a powerful force that led to Kallavan’s victory over the clash, despite Akira’s attempt to stop the dinosaur. However, despite the overwhelming force of the Zoan, La Spada managed to get away relatively unscathed from the resulting attack as she would simply back off to a distance. With La Spada reverting to her more ‘normal’ form having receding from the bloodlust, the fight should slowly down to a less chaotic mess. From a distance away, Zalera’s words were heard as he would proclaim the land as Spada Pirates’s. They have gained a foothold not just in Wano Kuni, within the very home of the Yonko, but also in the New World. Only thing that is left is to be rid of the Beast Pirates from this country.

From a far, looking towards Kallavan, whom now with better clarity having the smoke cleared – the man either seems ready to kill someone with his gaze or the man is that he is that emotionless, then again Akira is not one to talk. Kallavan would speak, he planned to eradicate two evils, namely not just Beast Pirates but also Spada Pirates, having perceived both sides as evil – spoken like a Marine. Even though Kallavan’s affiliation is not known to Akira, the boy could guess at the very least, the man has some sense of moral code or justice, a “hero”. However, the boy wasn’t impressed, his facial expressions, despite covered with black bandage-like apparel was one of anger – while he has kept his bloodlust in check, what have this man done for the people? Nothing. The man in front of him is nothing but hypocritical. When the man would immediately kick up an air blade, Akira immediately swung his katana to generate an air blade in response as well, while jumping up at the same time to simply move away from the man’s attack, having already seen the capabilities of Zoan users, it would be smart not to deal with them directly in any case. Akira would speak, his anger slightly seeping through his voice, but it was masked within a sarcastic calm tone, his eyes however – shows a
piercing gaze, for La Spada – it is the similar facial expression the boy has shown back when she destroyed his island if she would be able to notice.

“How righteous of you, Mr. Hero.”

Akira’s air blade would clash with the Rankyaku momentarily, but it would only take a very short while before the Rankyaku would simply overpower Akira’s air blade and continue its path forward, for Akira, having jumped up – the attack would no longer hit him, allowing the boy to counterattack. Having seen the power of the man’s air blade, even stronger than his – Akira started to perform a series of thrusting actions with his katana, generating multiple thin air blades towards Kallavan – the air blades itself seems to be thin and deceptively straight, but it is slightly curve in which makes dodging not as easy as it would seem to be, coating his attacks.

Falling back onto the ground. Akira wouldn’t wait for Kallavan to reply nor for La Spada to speak if she wanted to do so, but the boy, seemly angered by the man’s words and actions would only continue his words.

“You said we are evil. But you did nothing for the people here. The evil you spoke of has save lives while you idle away. What? Are you waiting for a grand stage for the villains to appear so you can come in to save the day in front of everyone?”

While it is indeed true that La Spada and Zalera have their ulterior motives, them saving the people of Flower Capital would likely to have more sinister plans behind. But the fact that lives were saved from the drought is something that not even someone like Kallavan can refute.

Name: Autumn's Storm
Rank: A
Description: Similar to Pelting Rain, the user thrust and slice while firing an air blade at each strike, which can be done from a distance away to create a powerful flurry of air blades. It has enough power to take out multiple targets in an area at once. One of the few flashy and destructive moves that this particular style has. [Pic 1] (71 Shuurin, 71 Movement, 71 Strength)

Akira's DPR vs Kallavan's DPR: 101-119: 6. City Block Level + A: +3 = 9. Mountain Level
Result: Kallavan win.

Akira's DPR: 101-119: 6. City Block Level + A: +3 = 9. Mountain Level
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The Flower Capital @Ichimonji @Sea @QuickZilver708 @Gambit

Only hours ago, a great story had begun to unfold along a great premise.

The world was one where many people could share their joy. Some strove to become Marines, fighting for justice. Some strove to become Pirates, fighting for freedom and exploration, and doomed to be hunted by the World Government until their last breath. Needless to say, other factions, affiliations and walks of life were born inbetween the two extremes. The Revolutionary Army was a militarized group that swore to oppose the World Government, while Bounty Hunters strove to kill and capture pirates. The Shichibukai were former pirates that turned to the World Government, helping the World Government fight other pirates in exchange for their own freedoms. The Cipher Pols were secret agents and weapons of the World Nobles. And to wrap it all up, there was the Underworld.

And now, that premise began to take shape. A culmination of a number of figures, that would all begin to engage in Wano. There was the strongest creature in the world, Yonkou Kaidou - and his right hand man, King. There was Gambit, an up and coming - self-proclaimed - pirate prince that had put an end to a legend named Shiki. There was La Spada and her crew. Pirate crews fell all over the spectrum of good to evil, but the Spada Pirates were definitely among the most evil of them all. And caught in the middle of it all, a lone Marine. Vice Admiral Kallavan. He had reinforcements in Wano, but it would be a while for them to show up. Without a doubt, it was Kallavan that was in most danger here, for he was the one sure enemy among all the pirates playing this game of death.

For now, Kallavan was holding his own. A clash with La Spada most fearsome, but he came out on top - albeit only symbolically. There was hardly a victor between the two for now. But, with the coming of Kaidou, Kallavan's situation would begin to worsen. As the Spada Pirates continuing their attack on Kallavan, they also proclaimed the Wano Capital their own, loud and clear. It was then that the skies above them suddenly darkened. Severe winds started to blow through the capital, and thunderclouds covered the sun. Lightning started to crackle inside the clouds, and a laugh most booming could be heard throughout literally all of the Flower Capital.


Thousands of people, when all the civilians are taken into account, would be witness to the arrival of one man. One beast. The silhouette of this utterly massive creature showed up in the sky as he appeared.

The Flower Capital belongs to you?

Wororororo... foolish young pirates. The Flower Capital will be yours. But it will be your grave.

Kaidou said, his eyes bloodshot and menacing. A powerful blast of Hao-shoku no Haki came forth from the kingly dragon, sweeping through the Flower Capital and knocking out every last civilian in sight. Staring down at the invaders from the skies, Kaidou observed. How would everyone scurry now? Would they continue their game, or would they all band together against him? Only time would tell.

King and Gambit were still a few hundred feet away, seeing Kaidou stop above the Flower Capital. Eyeing Gambit, King spoke.

Now that you see his grand form... who will you take as your enemy?

King questioned.


Leo would easily find himself capable of punching the poor woman in the guts without much trouble – knocking her unconscious with the pain inflicted onto her, no matter how strong Solitaire could have been, suddenly getting punch in the guts like this is good enough to cause her to throw up and faint from the attack. With no one to fight Leo at this moment, he would hear explosions occurring far beneath him which prompted him to speak to Sasaki to grasp the situation within the mines through the den den mushi. With the appearance of Queen spotted within the mines, Leo would just have to trust in Sasaki’s ability to take down Queen – a tall order even for someone like Sasaki, but given his confidence, he should be fine.

Leo would find himself with no contenders for the time being but if he were to look out of the building, he would find the chaos in the prison essentially uncontrollable, bodies could be seen lying around in masses as fights continue to occur throughout, Yakuzas in various samurai armour and emblems are locked in combat not just against the prison guards, but also of other Yakuzas. A consequence of the Marines’s actions to dive straight into action, all of the Yakuza clans seemly followed the path to self-destruction that laid in bare for them, if nothing is done to stop the fight it could mean the end of the Yakuza in Wano, though considering Leo’s ways of thinking he might prefer this outcome instead. Regardless of how Leo would think or plan to act, this whole place has essentially descended into madness and bloodbath, it won’t be easy trying to stop the outcome of the war.

Within the mines, Sasaki took the risk of death to pursue Queen – whom tries to seemly go on a suicide mission deeper in the mines that is collapsing upon them, perhaps another way out? But without directions or any idea of where is it, Sasaki may find himself in the worst possible situation regardless of how the fight would end up. Soon the two would find themselves in a slightly different section of the mine, a crossroad that looks to be almost untouched for a lot time, only filled with a couple of torches that spans throughout each pathway, too dark to make of what is actually ahead. With Sasaki now caught up to Queen, whom now notices the chasing Marine despite the collapsing of the mine – this prompts the Queen to look in shock, with his ever famous shocked facial expression.

“N-Nani?! You have a death wish don’t ya?!”

It took him a few seconds for the All-star to regain his composure, as the back of his head started to sweat, smiling as ever – perhaps this is the chance for him to deal with one of the Beast Pirate’s enemies once and for all. He can’t have these people come up and ruin Kaido’s plans, whatever happens to prison mines does not matter any longer, enough has been sent for Kaido to make use of the materials, all that is left is to deal with the intruders.

“M-Muhahaha! Then let me fulfil your wish!”

Without any hesitation, Queen started to transform into his Hybrid Form, turning into a dinosaur-human like form as he grew in size, towering in size even compared to someone of Sasaki’s stature. Looming over his adversary, his ponytail hair, his tail and even his left arm transforms and extends into machinery parts. It is time for a dance with the beast.

Revised Stat for Queen, gave him one level. (PS: I don't actually know what the +5 on the reaction speed is, I just copy paste and made minor changes.)
Level 76 (380)

Strength: 67 + 14 = 81 (+20 = 101)

Vitality: 61 + 14 = 75 (+25 = 100)
- Stamina: 75 (+25 = 100)
- Durability: 75 (+25 = 100)

Speed: 19 + 35 = 54 (+10 = 64)
- Reaction Speed: 81[+5] (+10 = 96)
- Movement Speed: 28 (+10 = 38)

Haki: 81
- CoA: 81
- CoO(Awareness): 81

DF: 81

Cyborg: 71
- Destruction: 81
- Armoring: 81
- Energy: 81
- Utility: 41

With the Ō Wazamono Meitō named Masamune now in his hand, and his other hand holding a Den Den Mushi, Sasaki spoke to Leo. Queen would be left to Sasaki, while Leo would move on to other things - namely finding Kaidou. With that done, Sasaki would stash the Den Den Mushi back into his clothing, and once again unsheathe his other Ō Wazamono Meitō, this one named Muramasa. Now dual-wielding, Sasaki looked at Queen with a smile on his face. Queen was visibly distraught due to Sasaki's pursuit, but then summoned his resolve and told Sasaki that he would oblige his death wish.

Queen started to transform, turning into a towering half Human half Dinosaur Cyborg. An impressive creature without a doubt - full of marvel and ingenuity. However, there was not a shred of fear on Sasaki's face. Sasaki was a samurai that has fought thousands of battles in his time. A true master swordsman forged in battle. He was confident like a hawk.

Tightening the grip on his katanas, Sasaki spoke.

Oh-ho, you look impressive. I guess I should have expected that, since you're one of Kaidou's big three. Let's have some fun, Queen.

Sasaki said, bending his knees slightly and widening his stance. Then, pushing off of the ground, Sasaki rushed toward Queen. Once in front of him, Sasaki swung his right katana diagonally upward. Black Busou-shoku no Haki clad the katana, and even though Sasaki was not using a technique, his cutting power was absolutely astounding.

101-119: 6. City Block Level + D: +0 -> B:+2 (due to sword rank, not a technique) + COA: +2 = 10. Island Level

Leo, in the meantime, looked around from the control room. He saw the whole prison in complete uproar. However, Sasaki's own confidence in himself amounted to Leo's confidence in Sasaki. Sasaki would handle things here - and ultimately, as long as Queen was defeated, what happened to the Yakuza was none of Leo's business for now. Perhaps if Wano was conquered and brought under the World Government, then they would have to handle local wrongdoers. Leo grabbed the collapsed member of the Beast Pirates and threw her over his shoulder.

Then, looking up at the sky, Leo took off. From his hands and feet, powerful bursts of fire erupted, propelling him high up into the air. Between his ability to fly with the powers of the Mera Mera no Mi, as well as his masterful Kamisori, Leo would disappear into the distance. With any luck, he would see a huge dragon in the sky, and that would be his mark.
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Uteki was relieved as she felled the Gazelleman with her attack. Even if they are lackeys, Kaido's men should be attacked head-on, and with Haki powering her attacks up. The Gazelleman was taken care of, and she turned her attention to the Madilloman. She was about to attack, given that he was rushing at her. However, Ai intercepted him. He was caught off guard, and Uteki took advantage of the situation. She noticed kanabo wielder had taken out the rest of the enemies, and so she decided on capturing this last one.

She held out her open palm towards the Madilloman and a torrent of liquid blood shot out towards him. Assuming it hit, the blast would send him into a wall and then harden, covered in black haki. Given her mastery over her devil fruit, Uteki was quite confident a lackey such as himself would be unable to free himself. With Madilloman hopefully captured, she turns to the kanabo-wielder.

"Dunno who you are, but if you are after Kaido, for the time being, we're allies. Let's get some information out of this one, shall we?"

If her capture attempt fails, instead she would aim to take out Madilloman instead, and her greeting to the kanabo man would not include the last sentence. She would do this by using one of sword skills. Sixth of the Forms: Eikyo. It was a quick an decisive strike that focused the vibrations produced inward, causing internal damage. As she had learned her lesson, this too was enhanced with black haki.

Sixth of the Steps: Eikyo- A quick and decisive strike performed using the blunt side of her weapon so that the vibrations produced cause inward damage instead of amplifying her slashes.
Requirements: 41 Mastery, 41 Strength, 41 Movement Speed.
61-80 Mastery: Destructive Potency: A

5 (81 STR) + 3 (A-Rank) + 2 (Black Haki) = 10. Island Level
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The Two Princes Arrived in the Capital

Prince Namor was cutting the waters between Onigashima and Flower Capital like the faster marine animal to ever swum the seas. And finally, as Kaido emerged in the sky, casting terror upon the capital, the prince of Atlantis rose as a torpedo fired skyward. And as he punched through the surface of the water, he would witness for the third time how Kaido would showcase his enormous power to anyone who dared to oppose him, Haki of the Supreme. Knocking down civilians or anyone who is weak enough to face the wrath of a dragon. He would listen as the Emperor spoke.

In the sky, Gambit was getting closer. He could overtake but chose to trail the enemies before him. King was paying attention and questioned him for the first time. It would take a few seconds before the Vampirate Prince could respond as he's still in the swarm of bats form. Shifting to his hybrid form, he turned to King and would respond.

"King, the Wildfire. What an honor."

He stopped mid-air briefly to acknowledge the strongest calamity. Staring dead at him, he said.

"When that moment comes, I will claim his seat as an emperor of the sea."

Before shapeshifting to a swarm of bats once again to shoot himself to the ground only to land at the center of civilians' bodies, knocked down by Kaido's will. He turned around as he reverted to his human form.

There, he would see only a few figures who remained strong despite Kaido's declaration of wrath. Three of them would quickly captivate his attention, a sturdy physique reasoning against a young man. The former would strike him as a member of the Navy. The other one didn't seem to be a local. He is either a pirate his intel trying to bring havoc to this country.

His eyes narrowed when he looked at his left, a familiar demonic aura of the undead wielding a sword. From where she stood and the distance between the marine-looking man, remnants of slashes and explosions are present. Traces of strong clashes in attendance.

As this occurred, Namor has already set foot ashore, walking towards his comrade. "What now, Landayan?", he whispered, as the two princes stood against each other's shoulder.

Gambit drew a cigar and put it in his mouth and respond to Namor biting it, "Kaizo ishan enemy."

Lighting the cigar, he puffed before exhaling the smoke upward which was quickly dispersed by the wind. "We got more company."

He gestured left for Namor to see who he was referring to. "Clearly, you're not paying attention to the news. These people are far more evil than you think they are."
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Flower Capital
Confronting a Yonko! #15

@Sea @kakashi19283 @QuickZilver708 @Gambit

Flower Capitol Building
The three stared each other down as the Capitol came unto the fold of the Spada Pirates. Subjugation of evil from evil. Question was, who was worse? Kallavan made no distinction, calling for the destruction of both, by his hands no less. That statement would lead to La Spada’s chuckle - cute, she thought. Yet Kallavan put his words to action.

The souped up Rankyaku met Akira’s attack before continued on in its weakened state. La Spada was not deterred, not moving an inch. The wind blade met her golden right hook, brought up to parry. The blade dissipated.

La Spada took a step forward, hand on her blade, before a shadow was cast on her from the sky.

[Yonko Kaido] “Wororororo...

Thunder and wind gave a grand entrance to one of the Yonko, an Emperor of the sea. A gigantic dragon flew overhead, casting a grim picture on the ones below. Kallavan had become an afterthought. One had arrived. The strongest creature in the world. Yonko Kaido, King of Beasts.

Words directed at the Spada Pirates came before a burst of will descended on the Capitol. Thousands fell unto a King’s will. Zalera fell to his knees, barely holding on. He had to protect and take haven for the girl and the mother, who, like everyone else, had fallen.

La Spada had stopped dead in her tracks. She slowly looked up, witnessing the kingly dragon and his will. For the first time since she was resurrected, not since she fell by Admiral Torque’s might, not for decades, nor since her resurrection, had she felt that way. The demon felt a very human chill run down her spine; fear.

The Shadow could see a slight movement that would tell tales. For the first time, he saw La Spada take a step back.

[Warsong] “It is not the dead who should not be among the living, but the living who should not be among the dead.”
Those words pierced through La Spada’s soul as fear overtook her. La Spada’s mind was taken to the first time she felt fear. It was not the first time she met a Yonko. Words into her soul by ex-Yonko Warsong, her father, in her memories towering above her. Blood and fire surrounding her and her sisters, as a young Isis, barely four years, fell into despair, a beautiful woman’s gentle hair held tight in her fist. Until young Isis’ eyes turned from a dark brown to those famous slit yellow eyes, and she stood up to her father.

The dead know no fear.

[La Spada] “Who better than to bear the burden of Underworld...?

Words whispered gentle. Suddenly, that fear turned on its head. Upside-down into might. A screeching sound, much like Kallavan had heard before, though much darker and heavier, swept through the Flower Capitol. A screech of pure hate. With that riff of tone, a monster greeted Kaido.

The Grim’s body was swept sideways towards Akira, unmoving. He would have to catch the bones and sword. Erupting from La Spada’s body was a green light that towered over the Flower Capitol Building, so big not even The Shadow had before seen a projection that giant. A giant uncloaked Grim Reaper in hellish light.

Body of black. Trailing whisks of red soul formed the eyes. A demonic skeletal face in a shadow. The top of the Flower Capitol building froze as the giant soul rose in a dark theme of a violin; froze and then withered. A giant entity of darkness that towered over the humans and rose to the dragon. Kaido, in his beast form, would lock eyes with a being with eyes wicked. The legend of the Grim Reaper, unmasked.

Kaido had declared this their grave. Words of irony - the one he peered into was already dead. Words of infamy, to be etched across hearts of those who heard as was once etched in young Isis’s heart, boomed next. Words with thirst to drink the world whole. A deafening dark voice came as a response to Kaido.

[La Spada] “It is not the dead who should not be among the living, but the living who should not be among the dead.”

Kallavan Attack v Spada Block
Kallavan: 61-80: 4. Small Building Level (after weakened clash)
Spada: 101-119: 6. City Level
Spada Win​
Soul Projection: The user's soul ejects from their body and is able to move freely. The can move through walls, pass through objects, and cannot be harmed. However the soul can also not interact with anything, but-for their voice. While the user's soul is projected, their body is vulnerable, unable to move.
Requirements: 31 Devil Fruit
Rank: (Supplementary)

[Note: Probably doing the size bigger than 100 DF would allow. Likely would need 120 DF. But ehh. Story comes first. Feel free to deduct in self-eval. :)
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The Flower Capital @Ichimonji @Sea @Gambit

Akira was the first to respond against Kallavan's rankyaku, blocking it with an attack of his own before jumping upwards. The rankyaku, continued towards La Spada with weakened potential. With the boy now up in the air, he began to berate Kallavan. "A hero? You poor indoctrinated soul." Kallavan said as he observed the incoming hail storm of air projectiles before placing his arms in a crossed manner before swinging them to their opposite end. From this extension, a powerful outward expanding shockwave was released, clashing against Akira's technique. The two attacks on equal terms and therefore cancelled each other out, leaving only sparkles of energy twirling down below. Kallavan equally lowered his arms afterwards. As he witnessed the remainder of his attack crash against Spada who could defend solely with her body. The Rankyaku not harming her in the slightest any longer.
-Kia: A reverse thunderclap that instead of being one direction is omnidirectional. However, due to the nature of the attack, its power potential is greatly diminished compared to the regular thunderclap. Can be used through one’s hands or simply through the vocal cords. [ B Rank]
61 mastery, 61 str

120: 7. Town Level + B:2 = 9. Mountain Level
VS Akira = No remaining DPR, stalemate.
Haki 4/20 - turn 3

"You do not know me, Boy. You made me lose sight of the Daimyo. The one responsible for this mess." Kallavan said as he eyed the young man who verbally attacked him.

Before Kallavan could offer a reply, however, the worst possible outcome revealed itself. Yonko Kaido himself arrived from the heavens to deal with the intruders that had arrived.

The sky shifted as dark clouds rose a curtain over the blistering sun as a gale started to pick up around the flower capital. The large booming of thunder echoing across the land as suddenly from within the clouds a dragon most grand and epic in scale moved through it, revealing himself. "Kaido..." Kallavan said biting on his teeth with a certain sourness in his voice.

From the dragon, a most powerful blast erupted. The core of the yonko's will had been translated in a wave of energy that was capable to dominate even the most skilled of fighters. Even Kallavan felt the powerful energy fighting with his own spirit, indomitable most of the time. But now his mind was fluctuating, still at odds because of his interaction with La Spada. But the man persevered, his body trembled slightly but beyond that, there wasn't much loss.

The civilians, however, had less luck. Most of them if not all were knocked out cold. Stopping the resistance and their so-called revolution right then and there. It'd make Kallavan speak towards Akira, perhaps a final time. "Look at the ground Boy, all these people will face Kaido's wrath because of what you and your captain have set in motion. You've forced the hand of the most powerful creature on this sea. If you do not realize that your brute actions cause injustice then you're more lost than you realize."

Kallavan said as he remained standing, his arms shaking with a mixture of fear and excitement. But the Admiral was ready for whatever would take place, there was no way to escape the eyes of all these pirates around him. He was quite literally surrounded. His eyes dancing around as he looked for an opportunity whether it was combat-related or a means to escape. But as he scanned the area he'd bear witness to a transformation most grand. The same screech he had heard before now accompanied La Spada growing to giant proportions. Green energy fading out of her body while her physical form was left in the hands of her second in command.

The dark shadow towered over all that stood below, even the strange man that was formed out of bats. But Kallavan finally saw an opening, to draw opportunity from this chaos. With his hybrid form active he could play the part of a subordinate of Kaido while within this mess, hating the idea and unwilling to speak it out loud. The marine simply went with it as there was no other way for him to actually survive or escape this encounter. With the big man potentially occupied by the big shadow, Kallavan saw his one and final chance to move out of this mess.

With a quick dash, Kallavan would move towards Akira with as much speed as he could muster. Once close Kallavan would throw a heavy right straight towards Akira, delivering a blow that'd reverberate within him, causing damage on the inside. "Shotgun punch!" With any luck, he'd catch the young man off guard while he defends the soulless body of his captain. Invisible haki coating his fist as he rammed it forward towards Akira's face.

- Shotgun punch: Using vibrations through punches, causing the shockwaves to go through their body and mess up their insides. [ A Rank]
61 mastery, 61 str
120: 7. Town Level + A: (3) + 1(haki) = 11. Small Country Level
Haki 5/20 - turn 3

Today was not the day he'd die! Fate had given him an opportunity!


Reaction score
Salty Doubloons

Sasaki is confident that he is able to take down Queen, but so is the All-star, with both sides prepared to fight – Sasaki would act first, dash across Queen at immense speed. Queen would do the same as well, but with a very lacklustre speed he would run towards Sasaki, it’s almost as it is the expected result of a race between a rabbit and a tortoise. Queen’s left arm would clad in black coloration in which similar to the Sasaki’s own, Haki. When the both have met face to face once more, Sasaki’s swung his sword diagonally upwards, meeting Queen’s arm. But Queen kept his smile, it is a lot more devious than Sasaki would have thought.


Queen's DPR vs Sasaki's: 101-119: 6. City Block Level + A: +3 + COA: +2 = 11. Small Country Level
Result: Queen wins

Even though Queen moves slow, his weight isn’t one to scoff at considering that the man has eaten a devil fruit that grants him not just his big, bulky stature but also an incredibly heavy weight. Throwing his weight towards Sasaki using his arm, Queen immediately wraps his left arm around Sasaki – locking the swordsman’s right arm in place, preventing Sasaki from using his katana effectively. At this range, even should Sasaki use his other katana, without being able to swing freely his ability to attack Queen should be quite diminished when Queen’s hair claw would move to quickly grab hold of Sasaki’s left wrist.

Queen's Strength: 101-119: 6. City Block Level

Almost immediate getting a hold of Sasaki, should Sasaki be unable to get away from Queen in any capacity, Queen’s mechanized long tail tip start to whirl about itself, creating a drilling-like attack in where the All-star would immediately attempt to
impale Sasaki through the head with his tail.

Queen's DPR: 81-100: 5. Large Building Level + B: +2 = 120: 7. Town Level

Leo - Udon -> Flower Capital

Leo would leave Udon, flying at rather high speeds around the country – but soon Leo would find several loud noises in terms of metal grinding each other coming closer towards the centre of Wano, closer to Flower Capital. This loud noise between the Flower Capital and the land of Udon if he approached closer would find several beings fighting each other. Two of which are already in their monstrous forms where they are engaging with 3 samurais. A small fight that occurs almost the same time where the main event has held, the sky surrounding Flower Capital has completely darkened, making it quite difficult to make out whatever who have been in the sky at the distance Leo currently is, but for the small-scale fight occurring near him – as Leo and Sasaki themselves have not yet to find more information, it might interest the Marine to consider gaining more.

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Kallavan would find Akira’s words to be equally unimpressed, as he would simply call the boy a poor indoctrinated soul, but such words don’t really affect the boy much, or at least visually. Both Akira and Kallavan would find themselves staring down each other – as neither of their attacks would hit each other, it was a stalemate of sorts. Soon afterwards, the trio would encounter a new party – Kaido. With a burst of Haki – most of the citizens if not all, have fallen victim to Kaido’s arrival and Haki, leaving them unconscious. An old feeling would hit Akira as well – fear. It may be different, but this is the same sort of feeling the boy has felt when La Spada first came and destroyed his island. However, perhaps to the surprise of many, perhaps even Kaido – the boy may be the least affected by his Conqueror’s Haki. Unlike many others, the boy has spent a large part of his life since young, living and dealing with fear and death aboard with the Spada Pirates every single day, the boy’s psyche is one of incredible will. And with La Spada before Kaido, the boy has ultimately overcome and convert his fear into a source of strength. Whether Kaido is the strongest creature of the world or not, something like this isn’t enough to cause Akira to give in Kaido’s will for the boy will do it again.

Kaido spoke of their grave, but threats of death meant nothing to the Spada Pirates, they weren’t just notorious, but they have face death many times even though they are usually the ones that does the death dealing. Kallavan would finally spoke once more, attempting to show Spada Pirates the consequence of their actions. It is only when Kallavan spoke where Akira finally understood. The man in front of him never truly cared about the citizens, it was all hypocritical of Kallavan. Anger have started to rise within Akira, the boy’s bloodlust started to seep out. This man must be a Marine, otherwise these talks of worthless justice wouldn’t be too far up into his delusion.

However, before Akira would speak further, a sudden movement from La Spada would cause her body to collapse before him, dropping to the ground if not for Akira’s quick reaction to hold on to his captain. God. Damn. It. Akira thought, a green light that came out from La Spada’s body is enough for the boy to be mildly annoyed. La Spada has went ahead and put them in the worst possible timing to be leaving her body like this. Akira now has to protect her body, preventing him from attacking anyone. This allowed Kallavan to took the opportunity to attack the Spada Pirates. Dashing towards Spada Pirates with a punch in tow.

Akira wasn’t able to move away in time in order to avoid Kallavan’s attack with La Spada’s body, thus he would have to deal with Kallavan’s attack before he could back away, already be having the understanding not to deal with Kallavan’s attack directly. Using his only free hand, wielding his katana – Akira immediately utilize his Haki to improve his reaction speed, the boy is able to avoid the punch as he took a step towards the side, immediately moving his head away and with a casual swing towards the wrist/forearm area of Kallavan’s arm, his blade now turning bright red as Haki coats the sword in its entirety from his hand. The man’s strength is ridiculous, even stronger than Akira’s, but this was expected as the man is a Zoan after all, because Kallavan’s attack is focused onto the fist, Akira would still a slight reverberation going through from his sword, but Akira’s next set of actions was able to avoid the secondary effects of Kallavan’s attack in its full potential. Using the momentum of Kallavan’s stronger attack to his advantage, Akira uses the fact that his weapon would hit hard against Kallavan’s hand and act as a pivot push and leap away towards the side safely, whilst leaving Kallavan to move onwards to the front where Spada Pirates once were.

It felt wrong, Akira thought. The last attack made by Kallavan is very different – but the boy couldn’t tell exactly what was it without experiencing the attack first hand. He could still feel parts of the vibration around his body particularly his arm, although at a very little result. A direct hit by Kallavan would be dangerous even for the boy.

“Daimyo? Injustice…? So you just don’t care about the citizens at the very end then.”

Akira spoke once more, this time in a calmer voice – having to protect La Spada means the boy have to maintain his composure to ensure the Captain’s body is safe. His words weren’t just weird, but without context towards Kallavan, even the man would find his words strange and nonsensical.

Akira's DPR vs Kallavan: 101-119: 6. City Block Level + A: +3 (Sword rank) + CoA: +2 = 11. Small Country Level
Result: Equal, Kallavan's higher strength pushes forward
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