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    One Piece green bull is actually a spy for blackbeard (his vergo) and will be sanjis opponent on the bbpirates

    in the sbs of volume 76 line D: You know how there was a question in SBS Volume 75 about the admiral candidates?? Well I just figured out the reason behind your final choice of the “Ox” and the “Tiger” so here it is… → Hitsujisaru [未申 (坤) - literally “Sheep Monkey”] → Momotaro Ushitora [丑寅 (艮) -...
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    One Piece luffy represents son wukong and the references to journey of the west in one piece

    oda partly based luffy based off son goku from dragon ball series and son goku was based off the monkey king sun wukong heck sun goku is the japanese version of the name sun wukong Oda is a fan of Akira Toriyama. In a Jump interview, when asked about...
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    One Piece sanji will fight queen , zoro will face king , sanjis connections to the sun

    sanji vs queen because of queen being an okama with technology (a mechanical arm ) as revealed in one piece 925 and sanjis history on okama island and him having a raid suit to add to the idea of sanji fighting queen queen rules over the prison where they can only get one piece of food for...
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