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Island Merveille

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Indigo and Manaka talked - the former always chatty, but this time, listening instead. Manaka had brought up something very, very interesting, and Indigo wanted to know more. But her knowledge of these mysterious subjects, also piqued his interest, if not actually putting him on guard. But, Manaka's explanation made sense. She talked about the North Blue, about Hiraya, and about Landayan. She spoke about the meaning of the diamond symbol on the forehead, and the abilities of those that had it. Indigo couldn't help but look excited.

We really found ourselves a diamond mine! Piro piro piro piro piro...!

Indigo said, calling Gambit a gold mine, but changing it to diamond mine in the spirit of the symbol that he bore on his forehead.

Now then... how do you suggest we get him on our side? Or is abducting him our only option?

Indigo asked, curious.

In the meantime, KG and his guys found themselves at the mercy of the Agehaguera butterfly. The pollen took most of them out, but KG was still standing strong. When the Agehaguera butterfly descended down toward him in a dive bomb, KG took off with great jumping strength and aimed a powerful uppercut at the chin of the Agehaguera butterfly. KG's powerful fist rammed right into the chin of the beast, sending it flying. The damage dealt was great, KG's power overwhelming. The beast came slamming into the ground, bouncing off of the ground a number of times as it skid backward from the force. Its wings were damaged, and its balance was gone. The beast was one blow away from death, the baller's punch truly great in comparison. However, hissing and growling like no other butterfly could, the Agehaguera butterfly, enraged and cornered, started to unleash massive amounts of pollen from its wings once again, engulfing the entire area. The Agehaguera butterfly had no choice but to go all out. It knew, by way of instinct, that if KG didn't fall to the pollen, it would be the end of it.

Elsewhere, T-Bag and his boys encountered as many as three powerful beasts native to this strange land of beasts named Merveille. T-Bag gave the orders, and capitalizing on their numbers, they attacked. A number of his men took the left plank, others took the right, and they all attacked simultaneously. A net was thrown, aimed to fall over the three beasts to capture them. A number of other ropes came for their limbs. However, the three beasts were underestimated. The mountainous walrus swung its head, the long sabers cutting the net that was falling, and throwing it away. A single item, a target easy enough even for a fat beast like the walrus to hit. The ropes, slightly harder and more elusive to hit, were handled by the warrior sloth, the Shirokage. Pushing off of the ground, the warrior sloth used its long, sharp claws that looked more like short swords, and cut the ropes down. With the group's attacks taken care of, the gigantic Ettousaurus started charging forward like a mad rex, rushing the group that had thrown the net. The Ettousaurus aimed to mow the group down and crush them under the weight of its powerful feet. The whole mountain shook as the heavy beast charged.

On yet another location, in the ruins, Gambit and Reynolds were exploring the most mysterious place of them all. Why were the ruins there, and who had lived there before? A grand civilization, or just a bunch of uninteresting farmers? It was anyone's guess. But, at least for now, Gambit and Reynolds were not offered the luxury of thinking about it too much. As Reynolds was trespassing the narrow alleys of the ruins, a powerful Terror Guma suddenly came out from behind a corner, swiping its deadly claws. Thanks to Gambit's vantage point, and his warning, Reynolds was not mauled to death, but instead managed to duck under the swipe and roll inbetween the Terror Guma's legs, taking his katana out and cutting toward the beast's legs. The katana managed to cut, and had effect, but the beast's legs were not slashed off, due to its thick fat and powerful bestial bone structure.

Reynold's DPR: 81-100: 5. Large Building Level

The Terror Guma's durability: 41-60: 3. Large Building Level

DPR equal to durability: normal damage

As Reynolds was just done cutting away at the Terror Guma's leg, the powerful beast turned around and threw itself over Reynolds, aiming to crush him to the ground with its large paw. If successful, the Terror Guma would push Reynolds down with its great weight and might, aiming to crush his chest and everything that was inside it.

Gambit and his goons were exploring the vasts of Merveille, but the strong beasts that lurked it were not making their lives easy. Little did they know, there was one more beast out there, vastly superior to everything they had encountered so far. A lion. A golden lion.
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Coffee Date with Manaka
The more Indigo laid his ears on the wisdom shared by Manaka, the more his interest is captivated. Enthralled to the precious diamond both the emblem of the intruding pirate commander and the mystery surrounding the beast mastery, the male scientist would again ask for ways to lure Gambit in. "I suppose you know by now that he is one formidable pirate. Capturing him means death to most of us. However."

Manaka, as her elbows were resting on the table clasped her fingers altogether and let her chin lie on it. Raising her left eyebrow, she continued, smirking. "A man like him, I have had experienced countless times before. ♥♥♥. I will bring him in."

She then rose to her seat and held Indigo's chin before kissing his right cheek goodbye. "Bueno, I shall leave."

KG and the Ferocious Butterfree
KG roared himself skyward, bearing a devastating uppercut. And as soon as his fist turned into an angry cannonball, it met the chin of the troublesome butterfly, sending it flying meters away. As its body dove into the earth, it prepared for another wave of toxic pollen from its own damaged wings. Seeing this, KG being a seasoned baller has the deepest respiratory stamina. Halting his breath, he grabbed a debris of rock about the size of a basketball from the ground. Leaping midair, KG locked the target on his vision. Raising his right arm upwards, he would clad the said rock with Hardening Haki before throwing it down to the enemy. "Cross-court Pass!", he shouted without inhaling. The rock punched through the wind, howling strongly as the very projectile traveled across the Ferocious Butterfree. Take that motherfucker!

Cross-court Pass: KG throws down a round object to the target with such force capable of leaving a small crater upon impact on the ground.
- DPR: B
STR: 81-100: 5. Large Building Level
DPR: 2
Hardening: 2
9. Mountain Level

T-Bag and the Three Huskyteers
The ropes were all launched in a very artistic fashion. For a moment, the very air above the 3 beasts was entirely covered by an army of fibers, taking the form of a spider's net. They aimed to wrapped around the enemies but to no avail. They were too strong to bind. The gigantic walrus merely swung its head to let its sharp saber cut down the trap made by the Westerners. "What the fuck?!", Shaq reacted.

Simultaneously, the warrior sloth did the same trick, however with the presence of the earth. Plowing the snow on the ground upwards, its razors crashed down the ropes, leaving nothing but a dead net on the ground.

All: "?!!"

Kobe: "Sir T-Bag!"

"I got this!" The platoon leader was unfazed when he saw how the beasts managed to break down their set of traps. Smirking, T-Bag rushed towards the advancing Ettousaurus before it even crosses his men. As he dashed forth, he was swinging the metallic ball of his chained flail about his right arm rapidly until it catches fire. "Yall lie on the ground! This gun be ugly."

Pushing his feet on the ground, he went midair and leveled to the 3 monsters in their paths. As he's gone parallel to their heads, the chain master violently and widely swung the flaming end of the flail, ramming it to the heads of the beasts as the metallic ball turned into sun, revolving rapidly across the area. "Swing 'em 'round Like It’s Hot!"

Swing 'em 'round Like It’s Hot: One of T-Bag’s most deadly techniques. He swings the chain over his head in a large circle and in a hypersonic motion that the spiked ball of the chain begins to catch flame, striking anyone inside its area of effect before slamming it into his prime target. Gives +20 turn-based MA substat boost.
- DPR: A, requires 81 Mastery, 81 Strength (AoE: 71/5=14); DPR: S (main target)
STR: 81-100: 5. Large Building Level
8. City Level

Reynolds Gone Deadpool
Reynolds managed to evade the deadly swipe of the beast in front of him. Behind the giant bear-like creature, he tried to slash the legs off of the target but surprisingly, it left nothing but a minuscule wound. So this is what a nameless attack could offer huh? As he processed that thought, the Terror Guma threw himself across the air and seemingly try to slam its own over him. "?!!!!!!!"


"Reynoooooooooooooolds!!!", Aramis and Baldemor roared.

Terror Guma's body came crashing down Reynolds. Was he dead? We don't know. But let's take it back a little before the impact.

Reynolds, the head of the sniper group maybe foolish at times and uttered crazy logic and terms but he would not be the platoon leader if he didn't have the skills. Sure, he's crazy. But that craziness benefits all. Before the crash, he was able to reverse the grip of his katana, pointing it upwards and against the falling body of the mammal. On impact, he thrust it further and capitalized on the weight of the falling and the gravity in play, impaling the very heart of the monster. As to what attack he used? Let's see if we could hear what he said at the time.

"Somewhat devastating katana thrust.... Aaaaah"

Somewhat devastating katana thrust
- DPR: B
STR: 81-100: 5. Large Building Level
8. City Level

Should the bear was removed from the scene, you would see a pit on the ground just the shape of Reynolds body.

"Baldemor, Baldemar, and the rest of your brothers go help Reynolds.", Gambit ordered.

"Yes Sir!"
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